Aquamarine Rough Silver Plated Adjustable Ring

Aquamarine Rough Silver Plated Adjustable Ring

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  • Silver Plated
  • Adjustable

Aquamarine is known for its calming and cooling energy. They are stones of the Water element, the name means “water of the sea”. This element brings one in touch with their deepest emotions, and helps to balance energy and calm anger and stress. It’s also a communication stone assisting with inner knowledge, clear communication, and enhancing intuitive abilities

Aquamarine can also help aid with sleep. Because of its calming properties, and its ability to help release anger, it’s a good sleeping stone. Especially for those who are having trouble sleeping due to stress. Just place it under your pillow, or wear (such as a bracelet) while you sleep. It can also aid with releasing emotional issues you might be holding on to during the night and help with emotional healing.

What we love about this stone? We love the calming energy of Aquamarine. And its ability to help aid with calming emotions such as stress, anger, frustration, and resentment.Who’s it good for? Those who are feel they are surrounded by a stressful environment or stressful situations, or those who need to bring a more calming environment into their life.