Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones
Chakra Balancing Stones

Chakra Balancing Stones

Spiritual Guru Box

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These stones are chakra balancing stones. This set was created to help you discover energetic blocks in the chakra system, as well as to help with balancing.

Each stone is made of a different gemstone, and has a different Rune symbol carved into each one for the purpose of chakra balancing.

Chakra Blocks:

  • Sit quietly, relax, and without looking into the bag pull a stone (or stones if you feel urged to pull more than one stone). This will reveal your blocked chakra or chakras.
  • Refer to the chakra balancing card that is included. This card will have Rune symbols as well as other chakra information.
  • Look for the Rune symbol that matches your stone. There you will discover what chakra is blocked. There you will also find a short message revealing what might be causing the blockage.

Chakra Balancing:

Once you’ve discovered your chakra imbalance, you can work on balancing. Sit quietly and relax. You can either hold the stone in your hand, or place the stone on the correct chakra while lying on your back. If you want to have the stone closest to your chakra, lie on your stomach and have someone place the stone at the chakra point along your spine.

  • Connect with the message you received so that you may relate it to what area of your life might be an issue, or what situation this message pertains to. This will be the root of your blockage.
  • Keep your message in the back of your mind as you relax.
  • If you are holding the stone, place it near the chakra point.
  • Tune into your blocked chakra, feel the energy, and feel the color of the chakra.
  • Allow the color to expand through the chakra into the room as it gets brighter and brighter.
  • Next, feel this color spinning clockwise. Allow the spinning to go faster and faster, opening the chakra like a flower.
  • While your chakra is beginning to open, recall your message (the root) and connect with it.
  • Feel this root or blockage releasing its grip, allow the energy of the root to dissolve.
  • As the root of your blockage dissolves, feel it spin out of the center of your chakra into the room and completely disappearing. (Imagine it spinning loose, and flying out.)
  • Continue to do this until it feels complete.
  • Next close your chakra by gently spinning it counter clockwise.

Releasing this root will help allow any energetic blocks to be cleared from your chakra.

*Chakra clearing can be done as needed. (Daily, weekly, or monthly.)*