Fear, Anxiety, Opportunity Bundle

Fear, Anxiety, Opportunity Bundle

Spiritual Guru Box

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  • Blue Tiger's Eye 8 mm
  • Shungite 6mm
  • Hematite 6mm
Why did we choose these stones for this bundle? Here's why:
Shungite is good for ridding yourself of negative emotional patterns. It's excellent stone for letting go of deep rooted fears or worries. It's also a powerful when it comes to clearing & purification. This makes it a good protection stone against low vibration energies.

Hematite is a powerful manifestation & grounding stone. It's also used to help balance the auric field and align chakras. For those who are sensitive, this stone can be super helpful when feeling "off balance". As a manifestation stone it is  powerful when it comes to attracting and creating new opportunities.

Blue Tigers Eye aids with calming stress and anxiety. It's a powerful stone when it comes strength and spiritual balance. Perfect for those who are needing to calm their anxieties and worries, and strengthen their energetic field.