Hematite - Kids Bracelet
Hematite - Kids Bracelet

Hematite - Kids Bracelet

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  • Kid's Size
  • 8mm

Anyone who is sensitive should have a Hematite bracelet, including kids! We love Hematite and these bracelets can be worn with almost anything, which we are super excited about. 

Properties of Hematite: Grounding, manifestation, making the spiritual physical

Chakras: Root (1st)

Spiritual properties: Helps one believe in one’s dreams and bring them into manifestation

Hematite helps to protect the body’s fields from toxic energies. It encourages a solid sense of self and aids in self-forgiveness. It's also a fantastic stone to help one bring their dreams into reality.

What do we love about this stone? Hematite is among the most effective stones for grounding oneself in the body and the physical world. It can counteract “feeling out of body”, dizzy, etc. The stone pulls stray energies down through the meridian system to the root chakra. 

Why do we like this stone for kids? Because if its grounding capabilities, Hematite should be stable stone for Empaths, kids who have psychic abilities, or those who are "sensitive" to energies. Also, great for creative kids to help "enhance" their creativity.