Candles & Essential Oil Sprays

The story behind our Spiritual Guru candles.

We didn’t just want to make candles, we wanted to help bring balance and harmony into your life! But how do you do that when everyone is so unique and different from one another? You create unique candles! We have intuitively chosen and placed different stones or crystals into each of our candle tins before we pour them. Then we create our candles with the intention of each person receiving the perfect crystal or stone, one they may need in their life at that moment in time. Because every crystal and stone holds and emits a different vibration or energy, each one will bring a different energy into your life. Then each candle is intuitive chosen for you before we mail them out.

If you are wondering why you may have gotten your particular stone or crystal, you can refer to our candle chart.

The story behind our Spiritual Guru essential oil sprays.

We don't like regular essential oil sprays, we're just not a big fan. We didn't like the containers, the smells, or the presentation. Then we started wondering, "Is it the essential oils? Or the spray itself?" So we started testing and making our own sprays...Turns out, we just didn't like what was on the market. 

So naturally, we decided to make our own sprays! Ones we would actually use and enjoy. Our sprays are created with several purposes in mind. First, for the spiritual properties of the essential oils we choose. Because when you're a "sensitive" person, this is very important. Secondly, to wear as a body spray or perfume. We love that we want to wear our sprays...because they smell good!

Lastly, we wanted to be able to make candles and sprays that would work together. We like the idea of a scented line that makes sense. Empaths and sensitives can really benefit from essential oil scents. They are grounding, clearing, uplifting, and can even help relieve anxiety and stress. 

We hope you enjoy our creations, they are all handmade with love by our amazing Guru's.

~ Namaste

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